Check it out

European Commission
2006 – 2009

The European CHECK IT OUT! project showed how the subject of energy saving can be technically implemented in schools and dealt with from an educational point of view.

The first step was to check how energy has been used in the schools so far. To this end, so-called energy efficiency surveys were conducted by experts based on which suggestions for energy consumption improvement in schools could be derived. In Berlin, the Berliner Energieagentur conducts such surveys on a large number of
sixth form colleges. The surveys not only investigate the technically feasible solutions but also examine what could be achieved by restructuring the organisation and the workflows. The CHECK IT OUT! project relied on implementation by the teachers and students. With the help of a teaching programme, they were informed about energy saving and climate change and actively involved in the energy saving measures at their school. The CHECK IT OUT! project was to provide assistance to the school administrations to improve energy efficiency.


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