Energy-saving Day Nursery

Senate Department for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection
2010 - 2011

There is considerable potential for saving in about 2,000 day nurseries in Berlin with approx. 130,000 children. For the operators of day nurseries, energy is a special challenge since their premises need to be warm and well ventilated. Bright and friendly lighting is a basic requirement to provide a pleasant environment suitable for children. Washrooms, gardens and kitchens often cause a considerable water consumption. The provision of heat, power and water is an essential cost factor in day nurseries. With its "Energy-saving Day Nursery" project, the Berliner Energieagentur takes up this challenge especially and provides support.

The project primarily addresses the people in the day nurseries – the educators, kitchen personnel, in-house technicians and, of course, the children. The aim is to reduce the consumption of power, heat and water by raising awareness and changing their behavior.

In order to represent a wide range of day nurseries, institutions from almost all of Berlins' districts take part in the project, including privately and publicly run day nurseries.