Energy service contracting (ESC) for the town of Sehnde

Energy saving contracting (ESC) for the town of Sehnde
Municipality of Sehnde
2009 – 2010

New boilers with condensing heating technology, speed-controlled circulating pumps, energy-saving lighting, ceiling insulation and the installation of a gas-powered combined heat and power unit (CHP unit) for the efficient generation of heat and power. These are just some of more than 60 measures through which the town of Sehnde near Hanover will reduce its energy consumption in the city hall and ten other public buildings by 30 percent. This Project is implemented with the help of the Berliner Energieagentur as the project manager.

City concepts

In March 2010, the town of Sehnde and WISAG Energiemanagement have signed an energy savings guarantee contract. In the next few years, the WISAG will realize annual savings of €130,000 on energy costs; this is equivalent to 30 percent of the town's total energy consumption. The €900,000 investment into new plant technology is funded by the WISAG. Sehnde will not incur any expenses and will receive a remuneration of €9,000 per year from savings during the duration of the contract.

When the contract ends, the savings will accrue to the budget of Sehnde in full. As the project manager, the Berliner Energieagentur has supported Sehnde in preparing and carrying out the tendering process and prepared the contract. The Berliner Energieagentur designed the energy service contract based on the model "Berliner Energiesparpartnerschaften" (energy saving partnerships in Berlin).

Meanwhile, private service providers have been implementing efficiency measures in more than 1,300 buildings since the mid-1990s. The Berliner Energieagentur has played a decisive role in designing the model and is now developing appropriate guidelines for implementation, domestic and abroad.