Bethel Hospital Berlin

Krankenhaus Bethel Berlin in Lichterfelde
Bethel Hospital Berlin
  • CHP unit: 48 kWel and 97 kWth
  • Electric power for feeding to grid
  • 145.6 t/a CO2 reduction
GASAG WärmeService GmbH

Promenadenstraße 3
12207 Berlin

The Bethel Hospital Berlin in Lichterfelde is an acute care hospital with 250 beds, specializing in the fields of geriatrics, internal medicine, orthopedics and casualty surgery, ENT and urology. A home for the elderly is also connected to the building complex. In cooperation with Hochtief Energy Management, the hospital started reducing its energy costs in 2010 by using the energy-service-contracting model. The guaranteed savings are estimated at 20 percent.

As an energy service company (ESCO), the Berliner Energieagentur GmbH operates a modern condensing CHP unit - type G-Box 50 (2 G Bioenergietechnik) - with an output of 48 kWel and 97 kWth to supplement the existing energy center. The property is owned and managed by Krankenhaus Bethel Lichterfelde GmbH. The heat supplier of the property is GWS Gasag WärmeService GmbH, which is the operator and owner of the existing energy center and has concluded a heat supply contract with Berliner Energieagentur.

Hospitals act as climate protectors

The heat generated by the CHP unit, supported by the existing energy center, covers the property's annual base load. For the time being, the electricity produced is fed into the public grid as excess electric power, with an option for a separate electricity supply contract. The amount of primary energy saved due to the central provision of energy using combined heat and power, compared to a conventional separate supply scheme, is approximately 511.3 MWh annually, based on a calculated full-load operating time of 7,200 hours, a heat generation of 660 MWh/year and a power generation of 317 MWh/year. The total annual reduction of CO2 emissions, compared to conventional power generation, is about 145.6 tons.