Care home "Haus Teichstraße"

Vivantes "Haus Teichstraße" old people's home
Care home "Haus Teichstraße"
  • Vivantes old people's home at Teichstraße 44
  • 192 t/a CO2 reduction
  • CHP unit: 48 kWel and 97 kWth
Vivantes Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH

Teichstraße 44
13407 Berlin

In the course of the „CHP Model City Berlin“ initiative (Initiative „KWK Modellstadt Berlin“) the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) together with the Senate Department for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection installed a mini-CHP-plant with a total power of 48kWel and 97kWth in the care house Teichstraße of Vivantes Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH as a model project.
As part of a provision contract the combined heat and power (CHP) plant, type G Box 50, was integrated into the existing heating system. The CHP unit generates 583 MWh heat and 287 MWh electrical power per year and thus contributes to a CO2-reduction of approximately 200 t per year.
The nursing home holds places for 155 people. Just as respective homes the building has a sub-standard demand for warm drinking water which lowers the exploitation of the CHP unit. Nevertheless, the CHP unit got implemented efficiently by means of a starting funding of the Energy Fund Berlin. The project works as a model for the other 300 nursing homes in Berlin.
Under the contract, BEA will permanently ensure the success or the operation of the CHP unit as a planner and operator. BEA takes over operation and maintenance of the plant and will supply energy to its contractual partner at its own economic risk.