Data centres and server rooms going green – New brochure on energy efficient IT- and infrastructure technology

16. November 2011
  • Increasing use of powerful IT services in public and private service sectors requires new approaches
  • EU-Project PrimeEnergyIT provides brochure on improving energy efficient IT and infrastructure technology

According to the recently launched IEA World Energy Outlook 2011 the world needs to make drastic changes to its energy infrastructure and consumption patterns. Facing limited resources all industries, institutions and public administrations are requested to redound to sustainability and energy efficiency.

At the same time information technology has become indispensable in our lifes. The amount of data interchange currently doubles every two years. Thus both demands – energy efficiency and highly comlex IT structures – have to go hand in hand. The increasing use of powerful IT services in public and private service sectors has led to a growing energy demand for centralized IT equipment in data centres and central IT units of companies and public institutions. According to EU and US studies implementation of energy efficient technologies and optimized hardware operation allows energy and cost savings of up to 75 percent.

The EU-Project “PrimeEnergyIT” supports the market development for energy efficient central IT equipment, including server, data storage, network and facility equipment, as well as new power management technologies. The project’s seven European partners are now releasing a brochure, providing a short overview of current technologies supporting energy efficiency both for IT and infrastructure with a focus on IT technology. The brochure “Energy efficient IT and infrastructure technology for data centres and server rooms” covers all essential IT technologies in the data centre including servers, data storage and network equipment. Efficiency approaches include effective system design, power management from hardware to data centre level as well as consolidation and virtualisation approaches.

Recommendations for best practice highlight promising options to be considered in management and procurement. A number of resources for further reading are indicated. The brochure provides a source of basic information for IT and infrastructure managers to support energy and cost efficiency.

Taking up the issue of managing IT-systems PrimeEnergyIT is also providing training for professional infrastructure, IT and facility managers.

The PrimeEnergyIT initiative is operated by an international consortium of national agencies and research institutions in cooperation with a number of associate partners from industry. It is running from May 2010 to October 2012 and is funded by the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Programme.

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