BEA-Projekt Madegascar: umweltfreundliche Erdgasfahrzeuge

Reduce costs – save resources – acquire customers: "Green procurement" is becoming an issue more and more for professional purchasers from industry and commerce and the authorities. The public authorities, in particular, are asked to consider the long-term consequences in their purchasing strategy.

Often, cost reduction and environmental aspects go hand in hand. The major part of the additional expenses will pay off over the life of the purchase. In the long run, more costs will be saved than additional investments will be required. The annual volume of purchases made by the government, the federal states and the municipalities in Germany is about €260 billion.

Buy green - generate saving potentials

The demand includes the procurement of office supplies, vehicles and power, gas and heat. Environmentally friendly procurement by the public sector alone might reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 12 megatons until 2020 – the amount that 1.25 million German citizens are causing each year.

At the same time, expenses of €700 million could be saved. Private enterprises also orientate themselves by these saving potentials. Their demand for environmentally friendly products and services is also growing constantly. The Berliner Energieagentur is providing advice to enterprises and public administrations at the national and international level on how they can better adjust their purchasing strategy to comply with environmental and climate protection issues and still save costs.

We are developing guidelines, directives and manuals to help with calls for tenders and inform about the advantages and drawbacks of the commonly used labels and publish successful examples proven in practice.


  • Procurement
  • Information campaigns
 European Commission
 06/2010 – 10/2012
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