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Four associates, each holding 25% of the company, have a share in the Berliner Energieagentur.

Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG

Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG is the largest provider of long-distance heating in Western Europe providing heat to about 550.000 households in Berlin. It holds a share of 27% of the Berlin heating market. A very modern combined heat and power plant as well as the 13 heating plants don't only feed households but also businesses from trade and industry as well as public facilities obtain heat and hot water from Vattenfall Europe Berlin.

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Federal city state of Berlin

Having about 3.4 million people covering approximately 900.000 square kilometres of Berlin the capital appears not only to be the most populous but also Germany’s largest city. In 1992 the Berlin parliament initiated the foundation of the today’s Berliner Energieagentur mainly for the reason to increase energy efficiency in public and private buildings as well as in the industry, trade, service and business sector.
The main players representing the federal city state as a shareholder in the supervisory board are the Berlin senate administration for health, environment and consumer protection and the senate administration for economy, labor and women, currently holding a quarter of the shares available.

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GASAG Berliner Gaswerke Aktiengesellschaft

For over one and a half century the GASAG plays a large role in the history of the capital of Germany. These days, it provides gas to more than 700.000 and holds a share of 46 % of the Berlin heating market. GASAG doesn’t only supply gas but also combines cold and power production by applying CHPs. Moreover, natural gas used as fuel gains more and more importance as a business field.

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KfW Bankengruppe

The KfW Bankengruppe is a promotional bank that supports change projects and promotes future oriented ideas in Germany, Europe and world-wide. The activities of the KfW Bankengruppe cover the following areas: investment financing, funding support of development countries, export and project financing, consulting and other services. By actively working in those business areas the KfW Bankengruppe substantially contributes to climate protection and therefore to a sustainable development.

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