The Berliner Energieagentur has four associates, each holding a 25% share of the company.

Consisting of about 3.4 million residents and covering approximately 900 square kilometers, Berlin is not only the most populated, but also the largest city in Germany. In 1992, the Berlin parliament initiated the base for what is today’s Berliner Energieagentur. The main reason for its foundation were to increase energy efficiency in public and private buildings as well as in the industry, trade, service and business sectors.
The main players that represent the federal city state as a shareholder in the supervisory board are the Berlin senate administration for health, environment and consumer protection and the senate administration for economy, labor and women, currently holding a quarter of the company's shares.


GASAG AG and its subsidiaries are a leading network operator, energy service provider and producer with a focus on the Berlin-Brandenburg region. In addition to supplying natural gas and green electricity to hundreds of thousands of household and commercial customers and increasingly generating their own green electricity, the companies of the GASAG Group offer a wide range of energy services - from single-family homes to entire neighbourhoods. Founded in 1847, GASAG is a Berlin Partner and also assumes social responsibility in the capital region through targeted sponsorship.


BEW Berliner Energie und Wärme AG

BEW Berliner Energie und Wärme AG, since May 2th 2024 a state owned company, is the largest provider of district heating in Western Europe, providing heat to about 550.000 households in Berlin alone. It holds a 27% share of Berlins heating sector. A very modern cogeneration plant in combination with 13 thermal power plants supply households and businesses from trade and industry as well as public facilities with heat, electricity and hot water.


The KfW Bankengruppe is a development bank that supports conversion projects and promotes future-oriented ideas in Germany, Europe and the world. The activities of the KfW Bankengruppe cover the following areas: investment financing, funding support for developing countries, export and project financing, consulting and other services. By actively working in these business areas, the KfW Bankengruppe substantially contributes to climate protection and therefore a sustainable development.