Finding the right solution for any customer. Starting with building analyses and energy-saving campaigns to the construction and operation of decentralized cogeneration systems. The Berliner Energieagentur is eager to provide a broad range of modern and customized energy services to our clients. The Berliner Energieagentur is divided into the three segments Contracting, Consulting and International Knowhow-Transfer.
Our interdisciplinary team of experts works hand in glove in order to provide our customers optimal solutions to their problems.

CHP of Berlin Energy Agency in "Lindenhof"


In our business segment Facility-Contracting, we develop, install, operate and finance efficient energy plants in buildings.



Our business segment Consulting is divided into the strategic units InformE and ProjektE.

Coal-fired power plant in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar

International Knowhow-Transfer

In our business segment International Know-how Transfer, we transfer the experience on efficient energy use gathered in Germany to countries in and outside of Europe.