Concepts & Expert Opinions

Do you own real estate and need support in optimizing your energy and CO2 balance?

For many years, the BEA has been a competent partner for energy saving concepts.

Our experts analyze the existing situation, the energy consumption, the technical and building conditions and the usage behavior. On this basis, our experts develop a suitable strategy to reduce energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions together with the building owner and, if necessary, with the final users.

While doing this we always keep an eye on the efficiency of the measures and develop an energy management solution, which is adapted to the needs and the capacity of the customer. The customer receives a comprehensive expert assessment as a basis for his own investment and organizational decisions. In addition, we offer professional supervision of the implementation and monitoring after the measures have been put in place.

If necessary, we can undertake the necessary investments in a new technology as an energy service provider and are then responsible for the planning, building and operation of the new plant.