Full Contracting

Is your heating plant outdated, inefficient and its operating and energy costs too high?

As a specialized energy service provider, we take over the energy supply as a whole or partially for residential, commercial and service buildings. We conclude contracts with the building owners, which usually last for 10 to 15 years.

In the contract, we supply heat and, where required, electricity for the building or its emergency power at contractually defined prices. We investment into highly modern and efficient energy technologies, including mini cogeneration units (combined heat and power units, CHP).

During the contractual period, we are responsible for making the heating plant run smoothly: this includes the CHP unit, boilers, buffer storage, gas and electricity meters, bills, registration and cancellation with the authorities and the network provider and many other tasks. Using remote monitoring, we can detect any faults that occur and correct them immediately.

The limit for the BEA service is ranges between the heating plant and its distribution system. The responsibility for the pipework and radiators remains with the building owner.

We offer:

  • Conception and planning
  • Investment and financing
  • Construction and operation
  • Maintenance and repair 
  • Control and billing