Environmental Education

Against the background of climate change, environmental education should teach responsible use of natural resources and show children, adolescents and adults their own options for action.

Why environmental education?

Climate protection and coping with climate change are key challenges for future generations. For this reason, it is necessary to create an awareness in early years of how one's own behaviour is related to global changes and which adjustment screws can be used to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  

Environmental education also serves to recruit the specialists of tomorrow today and to inspire young people to pursue careers in the field of climate protection.

What does the BEA do?

As a project manager, the BEA develops campaigns on the subject of environmental education and climate protection and uses them effectively with various target groups. These include daycare children as well as schoolchildren, trainees, students and professionals.  

In several projects, we impart target group-specific knowledge and concrete options for action in day-care centres, schools, leisure facilities and companies.