Michael Geissler at international online discussion on climate protection in the building sector


BEA Executive Director Michael Geissler participated in an international online discussion titled "Rebuilding the Built Environment: Paths and Barriers to Net Zero Roundtable" on June 29. The event was hosted by the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN) and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), a long-time BEA partner and local Los Angeles energy and water provider.

Together with Fred Walti (NGIN), Ben Stapleton (U.S. Green Building Council), David Jacot (LADWP) and Patricia Romero-Lankao (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Geissler discussed various aspects of climate protection and energy transition in the building sector, such as the switch to renewable heat, the social aspects of the heat transition, the impact of the current sharp rise in energy prices or the potential of energy efficiency and energy saving measures.

Here you can watch the online discussion again.