Climate Protection

Climate protection refers to all measures that lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and thus to a slowdown in global warming. In particular, the CO2 produced by burning the fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas is largely responsible for climate change.

Why climate protection?

There is a worldwide scientific consensus that in recent decades there has been a worrying rise in average global temperatures and thus a greenhouse effect. The negative consequences for nature and thus also for human habitats can already be felt in many parts of the world today.

At the 2015 World Climate Conference in Paris, 196 countries decided to limit man-made temperature increases to well below 2 degrees Celsius in the long term compared with pre-industrial levels.

Because climate protection measures must be anchored locally, the Berlin House of Representatives has also passed an Energy Turnaround Act, setting the goal of "Climate Neutral Berlin 2050".

What does the BEA offer?

All BEA projects serve climate protection. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the economic efficiency of measures, so that reduction of CO2 emissions and cost reduction go hand in hand for our customers and clients. This applies to the planning, financing, implementation and operation of our own power generation plants as well as to the preparation of energy concepts or other consulting services.